The Easiest Summer Orzo Salad

The Easiest Summer Orzo Salad

This is literally the easiest orzo salad ever because it is so customizable. I like to make this orzo with any and all veggies and herbs that I have on hand in my fridge. I love these types of “clean out the fridge” meals and this orzo salad is perfect for it. 

I used a handful of herbs that I had in my garden to really brighten this dish. I really love adding scallions to all my dishes so I always add that, and I also used fresh oregano and chives but you can really add anything you like. 

I love adding a fish or tofu or something on top of a bowl of this orzo for the perfect meal. Sometimes I also will make an additional sauce to go over this meal like a pesto sauce or an aioli of sorts. 

You can use any veggies you have but these are the things I like to put in it:


  • 1 box of orzo
  • Peppers
  • Brocoli
  • Red onion 
  • Grape tomatoes 
  • Carrots
  • Scallions
  • Fresh oregano
  • Chives 
  • Salt and pepper 
  • Italian dressing
  • Red wine vinegar 
  • Splash of olive oil 


  1. Cook box of orzo according to box instructions 
  2. Chop up all the veggies you have 
  3. Add you fresh herbs 
  4. Season with salt and pepper 
  5. Add a big splash of red wine vinegar 
  6. Add a splash of olive oil 
  7. Add a big splash of Italian dressing (I used my moms homemade dressing but you can use any kind you have)
  8. Just keep adding a splash of each and taste test and adjust to your liking