My Clean Beauty Journey

My Clean Beauty Journey
I have not always cared about the ingredients in either my food or my beauty products, but over the past few years I have gotten very interested in not just what I put in my body but what I put on my body as well. Of course, were not all perfect and trust me I eat and drink very unhealthy (I am in college so enough said)- weekends filled with sleeping in my makeup and waking up to egg sandwiches before heading out to a darty, but it’s all about balance, right!? I am definitely not obsessive or perfect when it comes to the ingredients in my products, but I like to try and make an effort in looking at ingredients and being mindful of what I am putting on my skin. If you are interested in the ingredients in your everyday beauty products, and you want to shift to a more clean and nontoxic beauty regimine, I highly suggest you download the app Think Dirty It tells you all the ingredients in your products and rates them on a number scale based on toxicity. It is in awesome app and does all the work for you, I have found it extremely helpful. Note: customers might think you work at the store when you are going up and down the isles scanning your products bar codes, trust me it has happened, but it is worth it lol. When you first start scanning some of your products It is very alarming to see the toxins in so many products that we use on a daily basis. Trust me, at first I was like “oh my gosh I need to get rid of every single product in this house and start fresh”, but I would not suggest doing that method because it can be extremely overwhelming. This picture shows a bunch of my favorite brands, and like I said I have been slowly changing over to more nontoxic products for well over a year now, I did not toss everything and start fresh one day. I highly suggest you ease into it and once you finish a product maybe start looking for a cleaner alternative, instead of going all in at once so it doesn’t get too overwhelming.
I am posting these brands to give you a few recommendations of my fav products and some simple switches that you can make.
Native is my favorite brand of deodorant of all time (I have tried a few different scents but the eucalyptus & mint is probably my favorite! You can buy on amazon/target if you do not want to buy it directly off their sight. *all natural deodorant can be a very hard swap for some people, so finding the right one is extremely important. I suggest do not give up on one, you should try it out for awhile and see how your body reacts to it. I tried a few different brands before finding and falling in love with Native!
Boscia is an amazing clean skincare brand, one of my favorite products is the luminizing black charcoal mask
Acure by far one of my favorite affordable clean beauty brands. I have so much of their skincare stuff, but they also have tons of different products including haircare, deodorants, etc. I have gotten my whole family on board to love Acure just as much as I do. I would say some of my favorite products are definitely the facial scrubs and their moisturizers are amazing. Tip- you can also get a lot of their products at whole foods and a lot for super cheap at Tjmaxx!
cocokind another one of my absolute favorite affordable clean beauty brands. I am obsessed with all their products, some of my favorites are their rose water toner (super refreshing especially on a hot day), the matcha stick (I love putting this under my eyes or on super dry parts of my skin), the body butter (I use every single day after the shower, it is great to use on stretch marks or super dry parts of skin), and their oatmilk cleanser- it is so soft on your skin. I highly recommend, it is an amazing company and super affordable! (you can buy at whole foods)
Seed Phytonutrients is a great clean haircare along with other natural products brand and they come in super sustainable packaging which is absolutely amazing! It is a great brand with an amazing mission. All of their products have a packet of seeds wrapped in the packaging for you to plant once you are finished with them as well! (tjmaxx for the cheapest prices by far)
-Alaffia I use their body lotions and chapsticks, you can get at whole foods (they are always running sales) and also at tjmaxx sometimes- I have found my favorite body lotion of their’s for super cheap at Tjmaxx!
Shea Moisture okay they make my absolute favorite body lotion of all time, it is the baby lotion w/ sweat pea & murumuru– trust me it sounds weird but it is the best scent and the best lotion of all time (whole foods/amazon/target)
Half Hippy a really cool clean beauty company that I was able to meet at an event in NYC (I got their toner from urban outfitters and love it). Also one of their best sellers is their all natural deodorant.
Dr Bronners I absolutely love their pure castile soaps (all scents) to make soaps and bodywashes and cleaners- it lasts for so long too (I recommend repurposing an old foam soap dispenser to make your own soaps/body washes)
Hum Nutrition have amazing vitamins/ probiotics/ supplements that I use all the time. (My favorite is their beauty zzZz- it is like melatonin but way better because I usually have a really weird reaction to melatonin, but that is a story for another time.)
Beauty Counter I definitely do not sell Beauty Counter, but I do think they have some great products (I like the cleanser and the counter match moisturizer when it comes to skin products (but to be completely honest I think there are more affordable brands that make just as good and if not better skincare products). I definitely like their makeup the best though, I use their mascara (sometimes), but I love their highlighter and their eye shadow the best!

I hope this helped! If you have any clean beauty product questions I am more than happy to answer them! Although I am not an expert, I can give you advice on what products might be best for you, and give you some more of my favorite product recommendations!